hidden treasures

We know a woman in the community, and we will call her "Maria" to preserve her identity.
In the eyes of the world she was just another drug user, thief, and someone with no value, But God always leads us to find treasures in dark places. One day, in the middle of evangelism, Maria said she needed help and wanted to stop using drugs! We were able to get her into a clinic, but she couldn't take it and then went back to the streets. This was repeated 2 more times, until she got pregnant. I thought there was no more hope for Maria, But God always surprises us. A few weeks into her pregnancy, we took her back to the clinic for the 4th and last time, where she remained and was never the same. “I do not want to go back to slum, I am someone, I have value, now I have my daughter, Things are different now, I want to have a different life” she said with tears in her eyes. Maria took drugs since the age of 8 , and today she is 27. After 1 year and 6 months at the clinic, Maria and her daughter packed their suitcases full,not only of things, but with hope and expectation of a better future and went to her new home that she rented. Today Maria has a job, and knows who she is in God. She has value and it's never too late to start again.

Testimony from Oitão Preto (one of the slums)

We know a family in the community, a widow who cares for her sister, who is disabled, daughter and her 3 grandchildren and still supports the child who lives near her home. She supports her family by selling things from her home. One day she was robbed by her own son who is an alcoholic, sadness invaded her heart, She spent 3 days crying, This gave her headaches and body aches. When we arrived in the community, her daughter called us crying because she didn't know what to do, I was afraid of your mom dies. When we asked what she was feeling, reported they were pains in the heart, a lot of pain in the head and body. Feel of God to encourage her and declare words of life, and reminds her of who she is in God, what God had done for her. She cried a lot, I believe that at that time she was healed. Even so, We took her to the doctor, on the way, This lady started talking as if nothing had happened, We started smiling in the van, because we realised that she wasn't sick anymore and Yes cured.
We glorify the God is thank you for healing.
Proverbs 17.22
The joyful heart is good medicine, but the spirit down consumes the forces.

Refugee camp- Greece 2018

During our time in the camp we met a family coming from Afghanistan. An American who was already in the field a few days ago introduced us to this family and left us with a mission, deliver a Bible to one of the girls of the family, that was open to the Gospel. But this had to be done quietly for the rest of the family didn't understand, due to the persecution she might suffer from it. One day we go into your tent and spent time with the family, they prepared tea for us, We painted their nails, It was a very good time.
After that we invite the girl to have a coffee with us off the field and the family allowed. She seemed a little apprehensive because I never used to leave the field for being dangerous. She shared with us that didn't read the Quran for being in Arabic, her tongue is fārsi. So, She only knew what I heard about the Quran and his beliefs were based on it. We started talking about how God is personal! She felt so far away from the idea that we can have a personal relationship with God. Share more with her and ask if she would like to receive “the book” She said yes, then deliver and she quickly kept in his jacket pocket. Pray for her, We know that God will do something big! During our trip we buy some Bibles and “forget”in strategic places for Turkey. We believe that people can have wonderful encounters with God through your Word.